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What is Video Remote Interpreting?

Video remote interpreting is a service that provides a communication method for those who require a video feed during interpretation, such as individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and communicate through American Sign Language. However, it is not a service that is exclusive to the deaf community. Some individuals feel more comfortable being able to see the interpreter while communicating. Using video allows for the client to grasp a deeper understanding of the conversation through facial expressions and body language, things that cannot be achieved through an audio call.

VRI requires the use of web conferencing technology. The interpreter is sometimes located remotely or at a call center. When one party speaks, the interpreter will sign or translate to a web camera as they speak as the other person will watch or listen. When the second party responds, the interpreter will translate to the first party, thereby facilitating the conversation between the two.

As an emerging technology companies are working to make VRI more accessible through new developments. These services are already in use in medical offices, schools, financial institutions, police stations and more. DCLS clients can choose the VRI feature within their cloud-based software when signing up!

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