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Have You Heard of Over-the-Phone Interpretation?

Ever been in a situation where you needed a professional interpreter in real-time? Maybe you need medical services in a different country with limited English speakers, and you’re unable to communicate with them. Thankfully, there are services available for situations like this.

Over the phone interpreting services allows for a client to have immediate access to an interpreter when the need arises. These phone interpreters are trained in a variety of fields, including medical, pharmaceutical, legal, and finance. Not only are they familiar with the terminologies and practices of their field, but they are also knowledgeable of vocabulary and norms of the same field in a different language and culture.

The convenience and efficiency of this service opens the door to a multitude of opportunities for businesses. It encourages people to branch out and work with foreign businesses without having to worry about words getting lost in translation. These professional interpreters help build cultural bridges and provide an advanced method of communication that creates an interconnected world.

There are two methods in which DCLS offers this service. The first is by accessing the software on their database. The client can select whether they want the translation immediately, or a schedule an appointment. Then, they select a language and are transferred to an interpreter. Another way to access over-the-phone interpreting by dialing a number on the DCLS mobile app, and then dialing an extension to reach a fluent speaker of the desired language.

Our flexibility and diversity in languages make us the optimal candidate if you are looking for a service that provides fast and efficient interpreting for your needs!

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